I’m very disappointed to be in the position that this is necessary and never wanted to let anyone down. Please try to understand the position we are in and that we are doing what we can to fix the current situation.

Unfortunately, we cannot cope with the sheer volume of emails and messages regarding the pin badges. As such, we will now be directing you to this page where we will be able to provide you all updates.

Below you can read my honest explanation of what is happening, get answers to the most common questions and follow the latest status on the pin badges.

LATEST UPDATE: The final batch of pins are on their way to me, hopefully they will all be pack and shipped by Tuesday 23rd june!

A Message from Jamie

Hi everyone,

We have been let down completely by the supplier of the pin badges and I am now beyond furious! If you are reading this then you will be aware they are now extremely late in being delivered as you are probably waiting for an order of one.

Initially, there was a problem with the production and all 9000 badges had to be returned and produced from scratch. This meant that the original pre-order dispatch date promised (1st May 2020) would be missed by two weeks.

However, this does not explain the fact they have STILL not been delivered to us, except a small batch of 1000 pins. I am on the phone to the supplier every day chasing them to get the order we have placed and been promised over one month ago.

Despite all the delays, I promise you they are coming and you will receive your orders as soon as we can get them to you.

Last week we received 1000 pins and they were all in the post the same afternoon. If you take a look on Facebook you can see posts from customers who have received these orders and are very kindly trying to help reduce the frustration and worry you may be feeling.

Another 5000 pins are on their way to us now, with the rest to be shipped shortly. I promise to get them shipped out to you as fast as we can once they do arrive. I expect that we can pack and ship that number in 2 days at the most.

We have not taken the decision to stop responding to emails about the pins lightly. The last thing I want to do is make any of you feel unvalued as that is not the case. Your support has got me through many tough times and helped us get to where we are today. Even with additional help from Abby responding to your messages, we have still been unable to keep up. Unfortunately, the added strain on my mental health has become too much and so I have made this tough decision.

I promise to come back stronger and learn from this experience. We have already discovered some issues in the order processing system which could have reduced the impact of this and we will be addressing these after lockdown is over.

For now, please bear with us a little longer while we get through this. Your continued support and understanding is very, very appreciated!

My heartfelt thanks,

Jamie Taylor 

Status Update

Last updated: 20th June 2020

Pins Shipped


Being Packed




Frequently Asked Questions

No - Unfortunately, we don't have the option to cancel pin badge orders at this stage as many have already been posted and the charity donation has already been made. You can, of course, return the item to us for a refund once you receive it if you still wish to do so. PLEASE NOTE - the charitable donation (£2 per pin) is non-refundable.

All items will be shipped together. If we had known the extent of the delay then we would have posted items separately but unfortunately, this is no longer possible. This has made us aware of some issues in the order processing system which could have reduced the impact of this and we will be addressing these after lockdown is over.

No - Unfortunately, we are unable to amend orders once they have been placed. If you need to add to your order then please place a new one on the website. You can use get 30% off any items using the code 30off.

No - unfortunately, the shipping paperwork and labels for all the pin badge orders have now been printed, sorry.

We are hoping to take delivery of the next batch of pin badges this week (time of writing - Tues 26th May) and will pack and ship them within 2 days. Most orders are currently taking around one week to arrive in the post but if your order crosses through an affected Royal Mail depot this may take longer.